The Original Liège pearl sugar waffle

Yeast-raised dough with caramelized pearl sugar pieces


Our Pearl Sugar Waffles are the crown jewels of all Belgian Waffles. The yeast-raised dough includes decadent pieces of pearl sugar – delicately melted in the center and caramilized on the outside.

Enjoyed at room temperature or heated-up, Pearl Sugar Waffles are the ideal carrier for sweet and savory applications. Furthermore, our waffles make for great grab n’go snacks and-desserts among others.



Flavors and sizes

Our irresistible Pearl Sugar Waffles flavors include: Real Butter, Real Belgian Chocolate Chips, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon and Natural Vanilla.

Waffles sizes range from 30g to 120g, fitting little to great appetites.

Ideal packaging

Both retail and foodservice packaging are available and can either ship ambient or frozen based on your specific needs.

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