Avieta, Premium & Authentic “Baked in Belgium” Waffles manufacturer

For the past 80 years and in the best artisanal Belgian traditions, Avieta has been combining classic recipes, superior quality ingredients and know-how to produce its “Baked in Belgium” Waffles.


A Growing Market

Waffles are among Belgium’s most iconic products, along with beer and chocolate! Enjoyed for breakfast in the USA, snacks and desserts in Europe and Australia, waffles applications are now growing beyond just breakfast.

Both operators and consumers are seeking quality “Baked in Belgium” waffles to satisfy their various needs, from delicious snacks to lunch and dinner applications such as  chicken & waffles.

Authentic and Premium Waffles

Our family-owned company continuously strives for the best ingredients. In fact, all our Waffles  are GMO-Free,

have No Preservatives and No Coloring.

Our Premium and Authentic “Baked in Belgium” Waffles are available in various local and international markets as many demand our high quality and delicious products.

Innovation driven

While our master bakers make our delectable traditional waffles, our Research & Development team, the largest among our industry in Belgium, works on developing new waffle concepts and products, for local and international markets.

Innovation goes beyond just products at Avieta. It also encompasses our manufacturing processes to our approaches to new markets.

A Global Presence

Our waffles are produced in our bakeries in Belgium and distributed by major food groups (branded, distributor’s label, co-packing), both at Retail and in Foodservice.

Today our products are enjoyed in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, Japan,…


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