As a responsible company, Avieta continuously strives to reduce its environmental footprint.

It is our plan to take all necessary steps throughout the operation activites to reduce the energy and water consumption as well as to sort, to recycle and to recover waste.


The 3 main objectives are to continue our current efforts, to standardize and to measure all energy parameters and to elaborate a 3-year plan to reduce the environmental footprint of our activity, measurable per kilogram of waffles.


  • To carry out an energy audit of both plants to optimize the energy consumption and recovery
  • To measure the energy consumption precisely per production line
  • Put in place measurable goals


  • Decrease by 5% the Finished and semi-finished products


  • Optimization of the cleaning cycle in order to reduce the water consumption by 5% per kilogram of waffles


  • Commitment to continuing to optimize the size of individual packaging, sleeves, cases and boxes
  • Reducing the use of adhesive tape to close our boxes


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