For over 80 years, the extraordinary expertise of our artisan bakers
and our innovative manufacturing processes have guaranteed the superior
and consistent quality of our waffles.

Avieta is a global leader in the production of premium Belgian waffles.


Avieta, the creator of superior-quality, delicious, authentic Belgian waffles.

At Avieta, our premium positioning is not limited to the quality of our products, but can be found throughout our company's different departments (sales, logistics, quality, HR, safety, production, finance, R&D). We ensure that every step of the process conveys this feeling to our partners.


Tailor made

At Avieta, every product is unique! Depending on what you need, our passionate employees will create "THE" waffle that meets your expectations. We have a wide selection of sizes, flavours, recipes and packaging. Our waffles are tailored to your requirements and the specific needs of the different geographical areas, whether for Food Service or for Retail.


Since the outset, with a team of artisan bakers, Avieta has developed unique expertise combining traditional Belgian recipes and superior-quality ingredients, bringing it international recognition.

A Belgian family firm

Avieta is above all a family firm in which all cultures and all ages are represented. This mix encourages open-mindedness, exchange and transmission. We work together to fully satisfy our partners around the world.


Always on the lookout for new trends and listening to the needs of our commercial partners, each year we anticipate and make significant investments in research and development. Our R&D team is the largest in our market. This allows us to build on our traditional recipes to meet consumer requirements, produce new waffles and maintain our manufacturing processes at the cutting edge of technology and flexibility.

National and international

Our expertise means that we are internationally recognised. Our products are now enjoyed around the world, in particular in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. With our international partners, we adapt our products to customs and meal times, from the breakfast waffle in the USA to the waffle enjoyed as a snack or dessert in Europe, Asia and Australia.


The result? A dynamic Belgian family firm; a team that strives for the company's development and promotes Belgian expertise, working to keep our loyal customers happy every day.