In the beginning,
a successful bakery!


Our history

Avieta is a Belgian family firm founded in 1936.
Its development and its innovations have made it a key Belgian
player in the production of premium-quality Belgian waffles.

Below are the key dates in our history.

  • A successful bakery

    Gerardus Lenaerts, artisan baker, opened his first bakery in the heart of Limbourg, Belgium. He offered delicious tarts and breads made according to traditional leavened dough recipes. In response to the success of his products and the affluence of the customers, he founded Narda to structure the growth of his activities.

  • Waffles and speculoos

    Narda decided to focus exclusively on the production of sweet waffles and speculoos.

  • The Le Vieux Tauve orchards

    On the other side of Belgium, in Coutisse (Namur province) to be precise, Avieta was born. This family firm produced raspberry coulis and waffles stuffed with fruit from its vast 15-hectare orchard "Au Vieux Tauve", to which it owes its name.

  • Purchase of the first automated waffle line in Brussels

    With business booming, Avieta diversified its expertise and started producing Brussels waffles based on delicious, traditional Belgian recipes. It was a real success! The quality of Avieta waffles proved popular both in Belgium and in the neighbouring countries.

  • New developments

    Patrick Limauge, a bold and passionate Belgian entrepreneur, was convinced of the potential of the waffle market. He bought Avieta and rose to the challenge by developing business internationally.

  • Acquisition of Narda

    Patrick Limauge also bought biscuit company Narda, at that time based in Zonhoven and specialising in the manufacture of Pearl sugar waffles. Avieta's expertise was growing and diversifying.

  • Space to meet growing demand

    Wanting to satisfy an ever increasing number of customers, Avieta invested in its expansion. A spacious bakery with its administrative headquarters opened in Vinalmont, in Liège province, where a wide range of fresh and frozen premium waffles was then produced.

  • Focus on innovation

    Avieta adopted a growth strategy focused on the innovation of products suited to the international markets to develop its expertise and grow its presence.

  • Extension of the Zonhoven bakery

    To meet growing demand from its partners, Avieta invested in an extension to its Zonhoven bakery. Avieta installed new production lines and a storage facility for its finished products and packaging.

  • Death of Patrick Limauge

    On 28 November 2020, Patrick Limauge passed away at the age of 64, having dedicated 26 years of his life to Avieta. His wife Anne and his children, Alexandre and Amandine, are committed to continuing the development of the family business, travelling the same path as their much-loved husband and father.

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" – Abraham Lincoln

    Mr Limauge would often say "Be bold, you are wonderful" and "Life is short. Savour what life has to offer, get out in the sun, run through nature, tell the truth that is in your heart, be crazy, be good, be you. There is no time for anything else". It is according to these shared principles that his wife and children envisage the future of the family firm.

  • Construction of a new production unit and creation of a new subsidiary

    Avieta is keeping the momentum going and is investing in a third production unit. This new bakery is located right next to the Vinalmont bakery and the headquarters. Avieta now has 3 bakeries on 2 sites in Belgium.

    To coordinate the development of its activities on the North American continent, Avieta is creating a new subsidiary in Florida.