Sliced waffle


Sliced wafflE

Our Sliced waffle is none other than a pearl sugar waffle, cut in half,
and it’s the perfect way to add a twist and some unusual texture to your sandwiches or burgers!

It’s also great for both sweet and savoury dishes. A wonderful treat for any time of the day!
Made using quality ingredients, with no colourings or preservatives and certified GMO free, our sliced waffle will make everybody’s mouth water.

Flavours and sizes

Our Sliced waffle is 40g and is available in two varieties: plain and sweet.


Heat: in the toaster, oven or microwave.
Once defrosted, the Sliced waffle is also delicious when served at room temperature. 


The innovative concept of the Sliced waffle means that it’s a great way
to add a twist to your burgers and sandwiches.

  • Grab 'n' go, Lunch, Dinner

    Chicken and Greens Waffle Burger

    Sliced waffle

    Grab 'n' go, Lunch, Dinner

  • Grab 'n' go, Lunch, Dinner

    Sliced waffle like a chicken-avocado toast

    Sliced waffle

    Grab 'n' go, Lunch, Dinner

  • Grab 'n' go, Lunch, Dinner

    Vegeterian waffle burger with grilled summer vegetables

    Sliced waffle

    Grab 'n' go, Lunch, Dinner

  • Dessert, Snack and coffee break

    Sliced Waffle with mango & vanilla ice cream

    Sliced waffle

    Dessert, Snack and coffee break

  • Dessert, Breakfast

    Sliced Waffle like a toast, with cream and red berries

    Sliced waffle

    Dessert, Breakfast

History of the
"Sliced waffle"

An initial experiment with one of our partners, who suggested our “classic” pearl sugar waffle as a way to brighten up a burger, got our R&D team thinking, and they began to look into how we might make this option even easier to eat for the end customer! And so our Sliced waffle was born! 


A wide range of packaging options are available, depending on our partners’ distribution channels.


  • Retail

    • under development

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